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Fraternity: A group of people sharing a common professional or interests. Friendship or mutual support within a group.


The Fitness Fraternity isn’t your normal fitness brand. We don’t think of ourselves as a fitness company; we’re a player in the broader experiential economy.

We recruit and train our staff quite differently from the way other fitness companies do, for one major reason: Their role is crucial to our members experience. Our staff are inspirational coaches who leave members more empowered in the gym and in their lives.

For many people, friendships made TFF are the beginning of bigger changes in their lives. They start eating better. They prioritize sleep. Very organically, they plug into a more positive lifestyle. Aspiration becomes reality.

Our gym differs from traditional fitness gyms in the way people value the experience.
Our coaches are our greatest asset. They take clients and members on a physical & emotional journey that’s similar to theater.
Autopilot isn’t an option.

The mantra of our front desk is “find the yes.”

Ultimately, our goal is value & experience. Provide value and experience into people’s lives, and we feel the value in our own.


Fitness Fraternity Gym is a specialist strength & functional fitness gym. We have a purpose driven atmosphere & training culture. We have outstanding personal customer care & and empowering staff.

Our gym is comprised of free weights, resistance machines, plate loaded resistance machines & cardiovascular equipment.

Meal Preparation & Collection:

Our delicious, high protein meals are perfect for everybody and every occasion. Whether you are an avid gym goer, a healthy lifestyle enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates healthy, tasty convenient food, Fitness Fraternity Food is for you.

Personal Training:

Intimate, professional, results driven training. Your goal is our goal. Personal training with The Fitness Fraternity is the best opportunity for success. We work with you, push you and take you step by step to your goal.

The Fitness Fraternity isn’t just your run of the mill personal training service. We are a team of highly committed, meticulous, professional trainers that walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

  • Passionate.
  • Knowledgable.
  • Successful.


Supplements – your final piece to your jigsaw. If you are looking for a competitive edge, or just wanting an extra boost, our extensive supplement range has your goals covered. From energising pre workout drinks to whey protein to tasty protein bars, we have it all.

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