We all have positive and negative ones.
Often we struggle to achieve results due to our negative habits. Then prevent us from achieving what we desire.
Below I have outlined some notes to help you make the relevant changes and progress towards better results.

Habits are like the atoms of our lives.
= smallest fundamental unit of a larger system.
Getting better results is about building a better system, creating a better collection of habits.
Small changes when put together in a overall system can lead to a remarkable outcome.

Where to start:
– Become aware of your current habits.
– Asses what is positive, negative and neutral.
– Now you have established a base line.
– Focus on the decisive moment. This will determine how your about to – – spend the next chunk of time.
– E.g changing into your gym clothes when you get home from work.
So where to focus first? Focus on those decisive moments.

You should quickly realise there isn’t that much that you actually need to change in your life to starting seeing results.

Secondly, start small. A lot of people have heard the idea about starting small, changing one thing at a time, but even when you know you should start small…it is still really easy to start too big.
E.g increasing your step count. Take your new habit and scale it down.
Start by leaving the house/office and walk for 5 minutes every day. How many of you will think “well 5 minutes is just pointless”.
The goal: to master the art of starting.
When your building a new habit the first thing you need to master is “the art of showing up”.

The habit must be established before it can be improved.
If you don’t have a habit to begin with you don’t have anything to optimise.

Thirdly, avoid the point of friction. What is it that may be causing you to stop?
Often initially the frictions to your new habit are invisible. It’s only when you start that you realise them. This friction on a day where you are feeling low in motivation/tired etc is enough to stop you from performing your new habit.
So it’s really important that you establish the potential frictions and implement a strategy to remove them or change your current environment design.


  • Cindy Jefferson
    Posted September 27, 2016 12:55 pm 0Likes

    Excellent! I was afrain I wouldn’t be able to find the right trainer, but it seems that you have it all for my great start at the gym! I look forward to our first training

  • Adam Brown
    Posted September 27, 2016 12:56 pm 0Likes

    Steven sure does know what to do to motivate you. His programs do miracles to your body and mind. I will be recommending his services to everyone!

  • Mark Chapman
    Posted September 27, 2016 12:57 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for you feedbacks guys

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