I keep beating the drum about habits. To some of you it may seem boring or unimportant.However, your habits dictate your results.
If you see someone continually getting results…guess what? They didn’t fluke that. They nail their positive habits.

Habits are formed when you are in repeatable or recurring situations or contexts.
Think of your habits as a relationship to a particular environment.

But what happens if the environment changes?
Sometimes this is for the better. Other times it is for the worse.
Next time you change your environment due to work/travel/holidays etc…think about the positive habits you want to continue and take some extra time and energy to focus on the habit and how it can be kept in your new environment.
Or, if your environment presently is leading you to repeat poor actions that aren’t helping you get results…have a serious think about how you can change your environment.
If you are serious about results, you need to be serious about your environment.

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