How do I join the gym?

It is a really simple process and is handled all here on the website. Please click JOIN NOW and enter the relevant information. That’s it.  You are good to go and become part of The Fitness Fraternity.

How much is the gym per month?

HQ has a variety of memberships to suit all your needs. Please hit our JOIN NOW! button to explore all our membership options.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

One of the best things about being a member at The Fitness Fraternity is that you are not tied down by lengthy contracts. All we require is 1 months’ notice for cancelation.

E.g. you wanted to cancel your membership from October, please notify a member of staff by September 1st.  However, we do hope you choose to stay with us!

What are your changing facilities?

We provide showers, lockers and toilets. All are cleaned by our exceptional cleaning company, and are available from opening to close.

Do you have sunbeds?

Our sister business, The Treatment Rooms, located a 1 minute walk from the gym, provides sunbeds and all personal services.

What gym equipment do you have?

What don’t we have. We have an array of strength, cardiovascular and functional fitness equipment. Our equipment is comprised of brands such as Cybex, Hammer Strength, Panatta, Concept.

I haven’t had a personal trainer before. What can I expect?

You will receive the upmost respect, commitment and attention by our personal training team. Your results and happiness are our priority.We will ensure you exercise in a fit, happy and fun environment.You will be taught by an experienced trainer with professional and proven training methodology

Am I supplied with a diet plan alongside my training?

Yes. Without the on going nutritional support from your trainer, your results will suffer. Working closely and honestly with your trainer is imperative to your success.

Am I too old to have personal training?

Absolutely not. Age is just a number. Unlike your fitness & weights (which will increase), we guarantee you will leave feeling younger than you started.

What if I don’t get the results I want?

Clear communication and initial goal setting from the outset help you work closely with your trainer to ensure you receive all the help you need to reach your goals!

Do I need to be a member of The Gym?

No. All you need is some water, gym clothes and a positive can do attitude.

Will cleaning equipment be provided for members?

Absolutely. It isn’t just our services we pride ourself on, we also work extremely hard to provide a clean and safe training environment for all members.  We have installed custom cleaning stations that provide both hand sanitiser for all our members to use on entry, as well as paper towels and sanitiser spray to clean the equipment after use. We ask that all members use the cleaning product to clean the equipment to help reduce the risk of any illnesses being spread.

What are we doing to keep the equipment and gym clean?

A lot! We are working hard to ensure that our hygiene standards are kept to an exceptional level. As part of these efforts we have stepped up the frequency of our gym equipment being cleaned and on top of this, ensure that each morning a deep clean is done across the entire gym. We have also put in place cleaning stations throughout our gyms and we ask that members use these to wipe down any equipment after use.

Should you have any concerns over the cleanliness of our equipment or facilities, please speak to a member of staff on site who will happily ensure that any issues are sorted.

Do I need to cancel my membership when I return home for summer?

No. Please do speak to a member of staff, who will freeze your membership free of charge until you return. Heaton is an awesome place, and one of the things that makes it awesome is students. We would hate to see you go, so please, just freeze. Your place at the bench press will be patiently waiting for your return!

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