If you are looking for a Gym team who understands your own personal needs and goals, get in touch with us today and join the The Fitness Fraternity.

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Fitness Fraternity

We don’t think of ourselves as a fitness company; we’re a player in the broader experiential economy. For many people, friendships made at The Fitness Fraternity are the beginning of bigger changes in their lives. They start eating better. They prioritize sleep. Very organically, they plug into a more positive lifestyle. Aspiration becomes reality.Our gym differs from traditional fitness gyms in the way people value the experience.

Our coaches are our greatest asset. They take clients and members on a physical & emotional journey that’s similar to theatre.
Autopilot isn’t an option.

Ultimately we provide value and experience into our members lives, providing an unrivalled service. Members wellbeing & happiness is at the forefront of our decision making. Independent and family run, we can provide the personal service that your commercial gym chains can’t.

We deeply care for our members. Real People, Real Results isn’t just our strapline, it is our ethos.

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