How to remain consistent when forming a new positive habit.

There is a 4 step framework for how habits work:
1. Cue (attention)
2. Craving (motivation & desire)
3. Response

In order for there to be a REPEAT of your new habit there needs to be REWARD.
So when it comes to consistency…it’s all about REWARD.
Behaviours that are immediately rewarded get repeated.
Behaviours that are immediately punished get avoided.
Building consistency with your “good habits” means finding alternative rewards/ways to be satisfied and finding a way to put them into the immediate moment / immediate response so your not just waiting for the long term reward to show up.

For example:
Going to the gym for a month won’t necessarily show the long term rewards you wish.
You won’t see THAT much of a change.
So you need something MORE IMMEDIATE to stay satisfied.
This is outlined below.

External reinforcement:
1. Extrinsic reward.
2. You can buy some new clothes.
3. Book a holiday.
4. Head to your favourite restaurant after you have been consistent with your new for a period of time.

Or my favourite… Internal reinforcement:
Enjoying, embracing and searching for that awesome feeling you feel post exercise.
Satisfaction from knowing you have worked hard.
Feeling a sense of achievement.
Acknowledging your are one step at a time getting closer to where you want to be.
Feeling positive that you are building your new positive identity / every time you go to the gym you are fostering your new positive identity.

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