Jack Stokle

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A childhood of sporting success lead Jack to Northumbria University to study Sport & Exercise Science. It was here that he discovered that his future didn’t lie with elite athletes, but with real people, delivering real results.

While studying, Jack pursued his passion, bodybuilding. This helped Jack establish the foundations of The Fitness Fraternity. Jack became one of the youngest Junior Mr Britain’s there has been, winning the title at 21 years and 4 days. From bodybuilding Jack transitioned into Duathlons. Running, biking and running again around the North East, Jack found himself back to his first love, Football.

With his unrivalled experience, Jack has completed over 15 000 hours on the gym floor helping real people, achieve real results.

So inevitably what was next? The Fitness Fraternity. A community of people bonded together with common goals and interests.

Jack leads the gym, meal preparation and personal training team. Under his experienced guidance, it goes without question, that if you want real changes, you become part of The Fitness Fraternity.

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