The truth: Eating “junk” food and still staying in shape.
How do some people stay in shape while seemingly eating “junk”’food?
While your scratching your head, read on…


  1. They move. All the time. Not just 10k steps a day. 15-20k.
  2. The majority of their diet is comprised of quality nutritiously dense foods (protein/vegetables)…you just don’t see it.
  3. They sleep better than most.
  4. They make healthier choices consistently. They have positive habits.
  5. They are already lean. They haven’t been over weight before. Their metabolism is in a better place than most, and so is their digestive system.
  6. Genetically they are slightly superior.
  7. And if they look like they are on steroids…they most likely are. But again…you don’t get told that.

So if they tell you they are just like a normal person, yet are always in shape better than a normal person…they are probably lying. They aren’t like a normal person. Otherwise we would all be in shape year round right?

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